Custom Fit Earplugs
Custom  earplugs are great for many uses, Shooting, Motorsports, Swimming, Surfing, Musicians, Woodworking, Machinists, Sleeping, Concert goers, Airline inustry, and any other activity where you would protect your hearing.


Custom Fit Solid earplugs- made from medical grade silicone, each set offers a tissue to tissue fit maximizing protection and comfort.  Each set is custom fit to the client, a wide variety of colors to choose from and optional lanyard included at no extra cost. A carrying case and 1 year limited warranty.      

Retail price $80.00

flashbang custom earplugs

Custom Fit Filtered earplugs- While providing all of the benefits as the custom fit solid earplugs, enhance your experience with a filtered set. Each set includes a passive acoustic filter which allow the user to hear 80db's of your surrounding environment. Perfect for all uses, filtered earplugs are the most popular set and allow the useR to not only enjoy their event but protect their hearing at the same time. These can be used for almost any activity, shooting, sleeping, swimming, surfing, motorcycle riding, concerts, musicians, and any other use you see fit.  MADE WITH INSTA MOLD SILICONE           

Retail Price $100.00